The Hollywood Bowl in Portland, Oregon was my first memory of Portland…
before I even knew what Portland was.

My Dad was an avid bowler and competed on a regular basis and once a year would travel to Portland (from Southern Oregon) to bowl in a big competition. This is all I know… I have some trophies from those tournaments, but I don’t know much more than that.

What I do remember is being a little kid (4-6 ish) wondering around the Hollywood Bowl.

I was told to stay inside, but like every kid… I didn’t listen.

I took my wrestling toys outside to play in their rock fountain.
Hollywood Bowl Fountain

Fast Forward to my adult hood I was driving down Halsey and drove past that same rock fountain that I remember playing in as a kid on my dad’s bowling trips.

I damn near stopped in the middle of the road.

I can’t believe it was the same fountain I remember playing in.
I had no idea it was the Hollywood Bowl in Portland, Oregon.

I didn’t even know the Hollywood Bowl existed, but I started going there when I wanted to bowl.

Jump to…

February 18, 2014 … The Hollywood Bowl posted this on Facebook:
Hollywood Bowl Closing in Portland

More on this story can be found on The Willamette Week.

I’m going to have to plan a night of bowling before they close forever.

While another Portland landmark will cease to be,
my first Portland memory will live on.