Let Go Day

A rally cry for everyone who wishes to break free, do work they love, and live life on their own terms. First coined by Pat Flynn (Smart Passive Income), people all over the world are regaining control of their destiny. The day that you finally break free is known as your “Let Go Day.”

Sometimes we sit on the brink of something great and we just need that ONE push to actually move forward with it. Most people never receive that “push,” but to those who do and look at it from the right perspective, it is a moment that can change a life.

Little did I know that 6/29/2012 was the day that would spark some major changes in my life.

Call it “getting future endeavored” … call it a “contract dispute” … call it “being fired” …

Call it whatever you want, but the fact is I didn’t have a steady income after that day.

Thankfully I saw this coming. For the six months prior to 6/29/2012, I was building CAKEpdx. I was able to build more income on the side than I was making working for my former employer. So when this day came, I didn’t panic too much. The only thing I didn’t see coming was what was going to happen after that…

[Let’s skip ALL of the personal happenings during this time and just stick to business]

I felt the pressure by friends and family to go out and find a conventional job. I acknowledged their concerns, but I was enjoying my new freedom. FINALLY… I got to decided what I wore to work, when I worked, where I worked, and (probably) most importantly WHO I got to work with.

I’m guessing most people thought that this was a phase that I was going through.

In reality, this was the beginning of Derek version 3.2.8.
(yes, I refer to my life as software control)

I spend the better part of my day speaking with early stage business owners and they all have their own stories and struggles. All I can offer is my story as to why I enjoy this life of entrepreneurial freedom.

It takes someone with the right outlook and trust in their own abilities to power through the rough spots of being a business owner. To sum it up, I follow this quote… “All it takes is whatever it takes.

This has definitely been the hardest I’ve ever worked in my entire life (including my near 10 years for Wal-Mart).

I wouldn’t give back a single day of it. Being in control of my own employment has given me insight to other areas of my life: productivity, happiness, who I associate with, confidence, and on… and on… and on.

I leave you with this video from Jim Carrey giving a commencement address.
Pay extra close attention to the last 10 seconds of it…

“You can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.”
So… this is a brief glimpse into my Let Go Day.

If you want to read the story that started it all, check out Pat Flynn’s book…

On a side note…
I tweeted to Pat Flynn that I just reached the 2nd anniversary of my #LetGoDay and received this reply

Pretty cool, huh?

Do you have a “Let Go” story?

I’d love to hear it! Share it with the world in the comments below, or email it to me and I’ll keep it between you and I.