I’m going on a diet… An information diet.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m always listening to podcasts, reading a book on marketing or startups, and scouring through hundreds of articles daily in my feedly reader.

Well… that has to stop!

A while ago I went on a social media fast and it was one of the best decisions of my life. Studies are showing that frequently scanning for little dopamine hits by looking for validation is not a healthy practice. Similar to my reduction of social media usage, I’m cutting down on my sources of information. One of the recent things I heard from Tim Ferriss really stuck with me:

“Focus on ‘Just in Time’ information instead of ‘Just in Case’ information.”

That was pretty much what I needed to hear to start examining what information I was consuming. So far I have gone from over 20 podcasts down to 10 podcasts. Even at that number, I’m being more selective on what episodes I download and listen to. I’m focused on reading only one book at a time instead of dividing my attention between 2-3 books. It was taking me 2-3 times longer to finish one book. Information started to blur.

Remember those hundreds of websites I’d have in my RSS reader? Well, it’s down to only 13 blogs. Much like podcasts, I’m still being selective about what I read. My interest in heavily weighed on the quality of the title of the post. One thing I realized is that I’m a slow reader which is why I’d rather consume a podcast or audiobook over reading. The blogs, books, and podcasts that I’m now consuming are delivering my mind facts and tips that are immediately actionable to my current goals where as before I’d read/listen to something because I had educational FOMO.

Which blogs and podcasts am I regularly consuming?

I’m confident these lists will be revised as determined by the needs of work/life.

What blogs or podcasts are essential to your day?

Not that I’m looking to add to my list… really, I’m not.